Using textiles in interiors

Starting with the feeling you get when lying in a bed with clean and fresh sheets to the sensation of a soft and warm rug under your feet on a cold winter morning. Fabrics may seem like an insignificant element and a minor part of the picture, but the truth is, the room never seems complete without the proper dose of decorative textiles.

Textiles are the last piece of the puzzle when decorating; we use them to create the desired mood and to show off our personal taste and style preferences.

Textiles create a cozy atmosphere, and if they are coordinated in colour, they make a natural and harmonised ambiance. There is no better way to personalise the space than by adding a bunch of soft and fluffy pillows, tender plaids and soft rugs in your home.

Thanks to their practical manner of usage, whenever we wish for a make-over, by replacing the textiles in interiors we can easily change their appearance.

In high-end interiors, good textile materials make all the difference – they underline the elegance and sophistication. High-quality fabrics and customised textile decorations are compulsory in luxury spaces and are a very large component of successfully designed interiors.

Tailored curtains, rugs and accessories have no alternative and can hardly be substituted by store-bought decorative elements. Customised textile interior design allows you to repeat colours and patterns in the space, and to create a visual identity, which would be impossible to achieve otherwise.